DYVERS EXCLUSIVE : BRONX TAIL by Photographer Tarik Carroll


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Photography – Tarik Carroll

Model- Oumar Outtara (Chase Model NY)

Stylist & Creative Direction- Chris Santiago

Photo Assistant- Mutara Gresham


Valencia by Photographer Adriano B ( For Fucking young magazine )

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Eduardo Filipe captured by the lens of Adriano Campos and styled by Marília Estevam with pieces from Victor von Schwarz, Lacoste, Arturo Coronel, Alexander Wang, Guillem Rodríguez, Sandro, Joseph Abril, Lana Ivanova, João Pimenta and more, in exclusive for Fucking Young! Online.


BIEN IMPRIME BY Photographer Simon Burstall ( Elle Man France)

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Appearing in the latest issue of Elle Man France, model Patrick Petitjean proves that he still possesses that special it factor with a stunning new spread photographed by Simon Burstall. Keeping things simple, but nevertheless interesting, Patrick hits the photo studio for fun images styled by Elissa Castelbau. Showing a range of summer fashions for the chic man of style, Patrick is captured in garments and accessories from Karl Lagerfeld, Hermés, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and more.


Ton Heukels by Photographer Bryan Huynh ( For Metal magazine)

ton-homotography-metal-06 ton-homotography-metal-04ton-homotography-metal-07 ton-homotography-metal-02 ton-homotography-metal-05 ton-homotography-metal-03 ton-homotography-metal-08 ton-homotography-metal-09
Dutch model Ton Heukels is photographed by Bryan Huynh and styled by Santi Rodriguez in a Louis Vuitton story for the Spring/Summer 2014 issue of Metal magazine.

Broderick Hunter by Photographer Deon Jackson


Broderick Hunter at Soul Artist Management shot byDeon Jackson Photography

styling by Anthony Archer
photography assistant: Andrew Morocho

Website: http://deonjackson.4ormat.com/
blog: http://photographerdeonjackson.blogspot.com/


Attack Art by Photographer Luca Finotti ( for fuuuckingyoung issue 4)

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Photographer: Luca Finotti

Art Directors: Luca Finotti e Paolo Zagoreo

Stylist: Paolo Zagoreo

Alex Pierce @ Elite Models
Cristi Isofii @ Boom Models Agency
Gabriel Shinel @ Indipendent Agency
Lucas Kittel @ Urban Management
Marin @ Indipendent Agency
Martin @ 2Morrow Models
Patrick @ 2Morrow Models
Rowna @ 2Morrow Models
Vitan @ Indipendent Agency

Assistant photographer: Pietro Frizzi

Hair: Gabriele Trezzi @ Close-up Milano

Make up: Giorgia Pambianchi @ Atomo Management


DYVERS EXCLUSIVE : MR. WILCHER by Photographer Vince Chase

_MG_5285  _MG_5198 _MG_5071 _MG_5025 _MG_4988 _MG_4982-2 _MG_4890-4 _MG_4791 _MG_4799_MG_5250

Photographer :Vince Chase

Model: Michale Wilcher ( Chase Model Management)

All Clothing  Provided by RufSkins  www.rufskin.com


DYVERS EXCLUSIVE : WHAT NOW ! By Photographer Tarik Carroll

photo14photo11 copy  photo12 photo9 photo7 photo6 photo5 copy photo4 copy photo3 photo2 copy photo1-1

Photographer : Tarik Carroll

Model: Nelly Marshall

Creative Direction & Styling by Chris Santiago

Makeup  by Spanky Aguirre

Photo Assistants: Mark Anglin & Lisa Brown