86 Joggonetas Remix ( for Remix Magazine )

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Ivan x RSNK x Resnik collaborates with stylist Andres Pastor for the latest issue of Argentinean fashion magazine Remix. Taking increasingly popular sweatpants and giving them a new perspective, Pastor outfits models Lucho Jacob, Andres Risso and Santiago Montero in eclectic ensembles that mix casual and formal attributes for a fun spin on typical fashion looks. From the double-breasted jacket to the floor-length coat, tailored options gain informal ground with the help oftrendy sweatpants.


DYVERS EXCLUSIVE : STYLE STREET STORIES by Photographer Tyjier Abri Bailey

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Photographer Tyjier Abri Bailey ( Abri Photography )

Model : Timothy Lawrance ( Chase Model Management )

Styling: Closet By Christobal


Hoodlum Empier by Photographer Patrick Lacsina ( JÓN Magazine )

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Photographer Patrick Lacsina brings us another smart style feature with a new editorial for JÓN Magazine the shooting stars Top Model and beloved friend Jhanelle Castillo (Ford NY). Delivering in essential looks in a story entitled “Hoodlum Empire”, Jhanelle looks stunning in briefs by Uniqlo, looking damn sexy in a black Jacket by Diesel. With this editorial shows us once again the ability and tenacity as a professional model.